Sunday, October 5, 2008

Personal Lexicon

Well this opened up a whole can of worms!

So. First of all I did nothing. I was not inspired. I was in a mood. I looked at my fellow journallers work, and to tell the truth, I was not a happy bunny. In fact I was a green bunny. I was a great big jealous lump of non-creative blahness. Not a pretty sight.

I finally got over myself yesterday and just got on with it. Doing my stuff. I have been spending so much time, and trying so hard to be original. To be different. To avoid the pointy hats and wings. To stay away from striped stockings and wavy writing. But the truth is, and thank goodness I have faced up to it, is that I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO BE ORIGINAL. I am a beginner. I am learning. I must work at this and give it all I have if I want to be good. Then I may find my originality. My own style. Until then, I will copy and imitate. I will be a happy little blog burglar. A style stealer. A thankful thief. Mwah ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rather than do one page for the Lexicon prompt,  I have decided to start a separate little book. I will add letters to it as I think of them. It was going to be Adrienne's Little Lexicon of Luuurrrve, but the very first page has proved this to be a little too dark for that title.

This soul journalling think is really getting to me. And there I was thinking it was all about pretty pictures! Oh well...


Mar said...

you introspected...good for you!
and you did an exercise
even better...
I haven't made the exercise happen yet
letting work be my excuse...sticking to that one
i am getting on with the exercise and i am planning to be better on target for this weeks preparation to the party
you ARE attending aren't you!?
beautiful work by the way!!!
no matter say you that you aren't "good enoug"
who is...
we just do the best we can and grow from that point onward...

KathrynAntyr said...

I'm baffled to think that you feel that your work isn't good enough. Now, look your healing love page was chosen to be featured. This wasn't a random act of kindness - it was my dear because I loved the layout, colors, and thoughtFULLness that went into it.

I too hope to be original but you know what I love wings, party hats, swirly lines filled with type. I know this all looks like other artists work. Not all of my pages have these elements - I do mix things up and try on so many different styles. Sometimes I worry about being original but lately, I just do. And when I'm in a creative funk, I just do. I don't wait until I get inspired. When I'm in a funk I get messy smearing on gesso onto a page. I flip through magazines and tear out pages - no dainty cutting, it is the tear the pages because I love the sound, I love the feel of ripping something out of its perfect binding. Doesn't sound so pretty now does it?

Last Monday night I had my first mixed media painting class. My teacher, an amazing painter, had us start with a collage where we had to find color samples from magazines. To get out of my head and to quiet the inner critic I started tearing pages out like I just described. It is such a habit now. Well, you should have seen the look on my teacher and some of the students' faces. When I saw them I was surprised then as I looked around there they were carefully cutting their little samples. Not me the messy often loud collage diva!

I love that you have a book that will be your very own lexicon. I think I'll do the same. Hmmm an excuse to get another journal started. Oh yeah.

I think I should end this message now it is waaaaaaaay too long.

Chin up and go massacre a magazine.

Your friend and soul sister,

Altered Route said...

I believe that artists inspire other artists, that is why we share what we do. I am no art historian but I do know that even years and years ago other artists influenced other artists. One would see another's work and want to express his world through his or her eyes and choosing a medium they were passionate about. There is nothing wrong with learning from others and adapting a technique or 'style' and making it your own. That can take time, even years to blossom. Be patient with yourself.
Your pages are terrific, so don't be hard on yourself!

So I Tagged you so others can come see that your 'can of worms' are what we all go through from time to time! Visit my blog to see.

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous set of pages!! I love the egg! After reading your posts, I thought about it and realized that we all as artists feel like we are not good enough - I think it is just part of our DNA. Your art is wonderful, it is you, it speaks of you and only you. Keep it up and know that the art community is cheering you on.
Hugs from a fellow soul sister.

Anonymous said...

Well, there is only so much original stuff to do, isn't there?? We see, we like, we do!! It inspires us and we use what we like and what appeals to us. At the moment I have to stop myself from using the same scrap paper for everything I do because I love it so much. Your work is wonderful and it is you, be proud of it. ~HUGZ~ Joy >i<