Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Feel The Luuurrrve... Healing Love

This is dedicated to someone who needs to keep positive whilst her mean and evil ex, The Prince of Planet Steward (his surname) tries to crush her spirit and bring her to her knees by wresting control of their beautiful children and using cunning maintenance manipulation to imprison her whilst he sails away on his Yacht of Yearning Youth. 

I wanted to show the whole cut out figure: it seems to say "dance in the face of adversity". 

The song "I wish you love" just popped into my head whilst thinking of what I wanted to say so I went with that. I hadn't considered the lyrics before - they are lovely.

The hearts contain the phrase "This too shall pass" apparently from a myth about King Solomon which is worth googling. I would like one of those silver rings. I mean, I'm sure my friend would like one.

Permission Slip The Second

This follows my first, truly awful attempt which will not be published here any time soon!

I want to be good at this!  Now!  Without hours and hours of practice and hard work!

Yes, and I also want to understand quantum mechanics and string theory...

Meanwhile, I'll keep putting in the time and the effort and learn, learn, learn.

The cheeky little secret permission on the back (not so secret since I already mentioned this in my post) is "and to believe in fairies" - it's my permission slip, and I'll fly if I want to!

Yes, barking.  Positively barking ;o)

Up next: Healing Love. Have to do a separate post though as I don't know how to add another photo yet.

PS: The $ signs are because I lost my scan thingy when the hard disk died last week and I can't find the installation disk. 

The Finished Page

Hi everyone.  I really missed the contact.

My hard disk is no more. It took everything on my computer with it. Until I can reload my scanner, my pages will have $ signs all over them I'm afraid. Better than nothing.

Here is the final version of my Lost and Found page. You may notice that half of the butterfly is missing: the wrong type of glue I guess. It can't be far though as the journal has not left my studio - hey, I can call my children's playroom whatever I want, right? ;o) It will turn up eventually. 

I have loved looking at all the wonderful work. I am so glad to be back.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lost and Found

This is the first part of my Lost and Found page. I await your comments so that I may proceed. 

My found objects are a clothing label, Malaysian money of very little value, a key, a broken butter hair clip, a Starbucks label, a button, a little tag with Wishing Stars written on it, a money exchange receipt, a rope handle from a shopping bag, and an arrow embellishment.

The arrow is pointing to '100%' since that is what I want to focus on giving. The key symbolises the opening of new opportunities, the butterfly is for emerging and moving on to better things, and I love the thought of wishing on a star. Starbucks coffee is absolutely essential to my day, and the money exchange receipt reminds me of my trip to see friends and family in the UK last week. Underneath the clothing label, on the money, I have written "far away places" and stuck the work "ambient" on too. These are reminders to me that I have places to go and that I must keep my attention on everything around me to make the most of any opportunities that might be around.

I am late with this due to a week in the UK to visit my mum so I hope I am not too late to mingle and comment tomorrow.

You can see my stuff in the photo section of the yahoo site. I don't have any soul journalling to show yet so I have posted some altered book pages etc.

Actually, looking at this, I can see it is going to be difficult to make a comment since the quality of the scan is awful! No idea what I am doing wrong...

My Soul Journal Blog Begins.....

Well, that was easy; and I added all the gadgets I could! I will attempt to enter the information over the following few days.

I hope to get to know the members of the Soul Journalling yahoo group I have just joined, and learn from you all. I have been so impressed by your work. Mine seems very average, in comparison, but I am here to learn.

Of course, my method of learning may involve a lot of copying at the start, but I have read that learning by imitation is a valid method of growing so I will stop beating myself up about it and get on with it!

Off to start uploading now...