Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Permission Slip The Second

This follows my first, truly awful attempt which will not be published here any time soon!

I want to be good at this!  Now!  Without hours and hours of practice and hard work!

Yes, and I also want to understand quantum mechanics and string theory...

Meanwhile, I'll keep putting in the time and the effort and learn, learn, learn.

The cheeky little secret permission on the back (not so secret since I already mentioned this in my post) is "and to believe in fairies" - it's my permission slip, and I'll fly if I want to!

Yes, barking.  Positively barking ;o)

Up next: Healing Love. Have to do a separate post though as I don't know how to add another photo yet.

PS: The $ signs are because I lost my scan thingy when the hard disk died last week and I can't find the installation disk. 


Anonymous said...

Quantum what ????? Your pages are just wonderful, don't be too hard on yourself (take it from one who has struggled to be free from an 'inner neat freak' for far too long). I am now enjoying being me!!! ~HUGZ~ Joy >i<
PS: Doesn't everyone believe in faries?? ;)

Adrienne said...

Thank you! I am getting better. I think!

Cool re the fairies too! :o)