Friday, January 23, 2009

Soul Armour

This is from my "Caspiana Soul Journal".

As my Fellowina's will know, this page starts with some writing prompts which then get covered over. Thank goodness for that! And the blue colour is absolutely appropriate for some of the content I was in the mood for!!!!!!

I have three suits of armour here. I couldn't decide which I preferred, and I think we all have differents sides at various times, so three is ok for now!

The one at the top represents the sex goddess in me (???) and she looks a tad dumb don't you think? Although, sexuality can serve a purpose if used gracefully and with wisdom, I think. 

That one with the silly bunches? Oh yes, she's every guys dream.. But hang on a minute, she's not even a real blonde (apologies to those who are, of course I do not hold with stereotypes!). One word out of line mister and you are in deep doo doos, for I am stronger than you think. Dare you find out? There is much worth finding if you are up for the challenge. And much to share if you are a worthy Prince.

And she on the right, standing alone, for that is always what I think I am on some level, is looking outwards; searching, seeking, hoping and...............................

I don't know if you can read the words on the armour, but I was obviously in a pretty feisty mood that day! 

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Woved Dreams

Woven Dreams retitled Woved by my son Joshua, and much merriment and laughter was delivered along with this new word!

The idea was to write our dreams onto strips of paper, then weave them together. No matter how I fiddled with this, all of my words were hidden beneath other strips. 

I think I will take this as an intuitive sign of how I try to hide myself from being known. For those who have read any of my ramblings, you will know I am uncomfortable with the intuitive stuff. However, I am learning and beginning to see. I think.

I used copies of pages from past prompts, made it into a heart and sewed around the edges. No idea why, but it turned out ok I think.

My Defining Words

I used a copy of one of my paintings for the background. I was trying to get into the prompt and a little tune was playing in my head; What a Feeling by Irene Cara from Flashdance. I checked the lyrics and "Take your passion. Make it happen" was exactly the inspiration I was looking for.

I had already chosen "Up" as my main defining word, then included some words and thoughts that I am interested in and placed them in a pleasing manner.

It looked very bare so I tried relaxing into the doodling thing as suggested by the lovely, wise Kathryn.

I rarely relax into anything, and I am finding these last few prompts quite difficult to get my head around, but I am trusting the prompts and the process and finally something took shape.

I have been wanting to try a technique new to me for some time; beeswax. This finished it off nicely; I loved how you can polish the page! 

The Soul Journalling process becomes more interesting all the time..................